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In your business, climate control is all about your bottom line.

When considering a heating and cooling system for your business, you need something that is cost effective and reliable. We are your guide in designing the best system for your building and your business. We also provide the expert service you can depend on to keep your system, and your business, up and running.

Customized Design and Expert Installation

Before we design a heating and air conditioning system for your business, we consider the size and number of rooms your building has, as well as the intended use of the space. With a commercial HVAC system designed by Downs Heating and Air Conditioning, you will have more productive employees, more comfortable customers, and your products and supplies will have a longer shelf life.

Our Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Services

  • Our technicians will perform a detailed building survey
  • We then assemble the components for your ideal system
  • We offer rapid turnaround installation with little or no impact on your productivity
  • Finally, we establish a maintenance schedule to ensure maximum life expectancy for your heating and air conditioning equipment

Downs Heating and Air Conditioning will design, install, and maintain commercial heating and air conditioning systems while helping you to ensure that your utility costs don’t get out of hand. .


We’ve been helping hundreds of local businesses keep their cool when they open their electric bill since 1971.